10 Delicious Men From Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows You Need In Your Life This Week!

10 Delicious Men From Binge-Worthy Netflix Series You Need In Your Life Right Now!

However you wanna “binge” them, these men keep your eyes stuck on your TV screens and mobiles. Here are 10 of the hottest men from Netflix series. So you know what to watch next in case you’re overwhelmed with thousands of shows suggested by the platform.

From Luke Cage to the young guys of Elite, these guys were pitched to play roles who will surely get you guys binge-watching their shows. They’re gonna satisfy your hunger with luscious male characters from your favorite TV series. We’ve compiled the hottest ones and check them out below!

Make a jump and let us know who you think is the hottest by using the poll or leaving us a comment down below!


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Brandon Perea

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Dacre Montgomery

A wise man told me it’s every mans right to be naked in his own home. Unfortunately this isn’t my home. ?

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Joel Kinnaman

Today was fun, even the lifting heavy weights part. I hope you all enjoy the show tonight. Thanks to @thecwriverdale for having me out. ? @christinedwallace #thecwriverdale #riverdale #riverdalestrong @rootsoffight

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? @bernardodoral

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Miguel Angel Silvestre

Mañana se estrena @elitenetflix en todo el mundo!!? Nunca he sido de este tipo de fotos narcisistas.. pero me preparé con @cucocuervo para este día.. mañana vereis a cristian en pelotas.. (o eso espero?) así que prefiero que me veais a mi primero.. Por cierto @jaimelorentelo y @mariapedraza_ me debéis un polvazo cada uno por subir esta foto.. ese era el trato..?

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Miguel Herrán

10yrs and 30lbs ago.. ?#ivacolter #tryingtogeton #actinglikeamodel #throwback #dontevenask #fitlife #workout #modeling #model #notsomuch

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3 weeks back on the grind. Time to towel off.

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Ross Butler

I’m going to share a photo a day this week from the lens of @christinesolomonphotography hope you like em ??

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Remember that time @muscle_and_fitness gave me a sack of sand and said “here, hold this on your shoulder, and try to look cool”

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