2020: QueerClick’s Recap of the Year Part 2 of 3: Click-Worthy Models

2020: QueerClick's Recap of the Year Part 2 of 3: Click-Worthy Models

Panic came when lockdown in most areas was implemented. Feelings of isolation surprised many of us and still lingers. Parties were canceled, social distancing prevented us from meeting new people. The worst thing is, especially for single people and the ones who are in a long-distance relationship, giving up sex for the sake of not spreading the coronavirus. Good thing, we have these men who kept you company while you’re in the mood but cannot hookup.

You guys instantly clicked whenever new scenes came out starring these hot boys. Let us see who are your most click-worthy performers of 2020!

Which one of these men did you watch the most scenes of? Was there anyone you think should have made the list? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Tune in to the last part of our year-end countdown where we list the most sought-after studios this year on QueerClick. Check back tomorrow!

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