An Exclusive Behind the Scenes Preview of Nasty Daddy’s First DVD Production!

An Exclusive Behind the Scenes Preview of Nasty Daddy's First DVD Production!

After nearly a decade and a half of being the “Nasty Niche” site from the Ducati Studios family of sites (that also includes Gentlemen’s Closet, Bondage Bros and Trailer Trash Boys), Anthony Duran decided to take a bold new step and shoot the first scripted Nasty Daddy feature film. “It felt like time,” Duran explained, “We’ve had so much fun shooting Nasty Daddy over the years, but I’ve always wanted to script out a movie with a story and some fun power play between the men.”

A few nights of coming up with ideas and writing out dialogue and planing shoots lead to Power Suits, the first Nasty Daddy scripted feature. Power Suits tells the story of the power dynamic between the rich CEOs and the blue collar workers who keep getting passed over for advancement so the “idiot son of the CEO can get a cushy job.”

An Exclusive Behind the Scenes Preview of Nasty Daddy's First DVD Production!

“I gotta say that I love how our first feature film is not only funny and hot but also a rather topical movie at the moment,” co-producer and camera man Jasun Mark added. “It was a perfect combination for us.”

Trenton Ducati adds “we’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and now that our sites and business have grown enough to bring in more team members, it frees up our time to start making those passion projects we’ve wanted to do for so long. Nasty Daddy making full movies now is just the beginning of what you’re going to see from us in the 2020s.”

Nasty Daddy regular Drew Sebastian (currently enjoying “It Daddy” status in the gay porn world) is joined by a cast of mostly new faces to Nasty Daddy. Newcomers Derek Kage, Ryan Sebastian, David Cole and Lawson James are joined by two veteran
performers Max Sergeant and Joel Someone (who makes his Nasty Daddy debut in
Power Suits).

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