Broke Straight Boys: Duncan Story Fucks Mikey Allens

Broke Straight Boys: Duncan Story Fucks Mikey Allens

Shirtless, yet with his signature brimmed hat, Mikey Allens first kisses Duncan Story with a hesitant excitement.

The tension grows when Duncan reciprocates his desire for Mikey’s fine cock, sucking the full length of his shaft as it quickly hardens. Duncan can’t help but touch himself while Mikey’s dick rubs against his tongue and heavy breathing fills the room. When it’s Duncan’s turn for oral pleasure, Mikey’s tongue is ready to please as Duncan’s fingers inch closer to Mikey’s desirable asshole.

Duncan takes his kneeling position behind Mikey, ready to fill him up. Slowly. Duncan inserts his cock into Mikey’s tight asshole, causing Mikey to moan with a kinky pleasure. He is enjoying every inch of Duncan’s cock as he gently pulsates in and out.

Broke Straight Boys: Duncan Story Fucks Mikey Allens

Soon, however, Duncan can’t control himself and starts pounding Mikey to both their pleasure limits. He rides Mikey’s ass as Mikey strokes his own, hard cock and submits to Duncan’s dominating touch. Maybe Duncan isn’t as vanilla as he thinks – he loves making Mikey moan with his stiff rod inside his tight hole.

At last, Duncan pounds Mikey so rough, the baseball hat comes off and Mikey’s toes curl, while his entire body orgasms with cum dripping all over his stomach. Duncan follows suit and adds his own cum onto Mikey’s front – ending with both of them feeling satisfied and a bit kinkier.

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