ChaosMen: Bentley Layne and Kocxin – Serviced

ChaosMen: Bentley Layne and Kocxin - Serviced

You can really tell how “thick” Kocxin‘s dick is in this video. Once you see it up against Bentley Layne‘s face, you really see the scale of it.

He and Bentley start by jerking-off together. Bentley reaches over and with just a bit of stroking, Kocxin got fully-hard. Bentley had some inertia going, so he dives in and starts sucking on his cock. He rubs his taint too, and that got Kocxin REALLY hard.

ChaosMen: Bentley Layne and Kocxin - Serviced

Bentley got up on his knees so Kocxin could suck on his dick, and WOW, Kocxin sure can suck dick like a pro! He deep-throats Bentley and gives him a nice sloppy blowjob.

This impressed Bentley, and he wanted to see if he could take all of Kocxins’ dick. He laid on his back while Kocxin face-fucked him. Bentley does a great job taking his oversized cock.

The guys then 69-suck and rim each other. Kocxin seemed extra thrilled to have his hole rimmed, but also hungrily licked Bentley’s hole.

Kocxin also wanted to try getting face fucked, so Bentley slams his cock down his throat. This gets Bentley turned-on and he starts to cum. He aims for Kocxin’s face and he stripes his face nicely.

At the same time, Kocxin begins to cum. Such perfect timing!

For all of the action on video, head over to ChaosMen.

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