ChaosMen: Cade Jaxon and Greg Riley – Edge

ChaosMen: Cade Jaxon and Greg Riley - Edge

Cade Jaxon waits patiently in his chair with a flirtatious smile on his face as Greg Riley enters the room. The two make out passionately before Greg ties a bandana around Cade’s eyes.

Greg kneels down and secures Cade’s wrists behind his back. As Greg rubs his hands across Cade’s body, a keen observer might notice Cade’s cock throbbing with anticipation inside his tight briefs.

ChaosMen: Cade Jaxon and Greg Riley - Edge

Greg exposes Cade’s cock and strokes it with a tight fist, getting faster and faster before stopping to give Cade’s balls some attention. Cade’s breath quickens as Greg leans forward to tease the head of Cade’s cock with his mouth.

Cade enjoys some light ball tapping, so Greg obliges as he senses Cade approaching the edge. Once Cade has backed down a bit, Greg kneels in front of Cade and really goes to work sucking Cade’s dick as he reaches up with his right hand to play with Cade’s nipples and probe Cade’s mouth with his fingers.

Greg brings Cade to the edge a few more times, then decides that Cade has earned an orgasm. Cade exclaims that he’s close, and Greg continues to stroke Cade’s cock relentlessly until Cade blasts a thick load all over his stomach and thigh. Greg feeds Cade some of his cum and the two kiss as the camera fades away.

See all of the action on video over at ChaosMen.

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