ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Helloojose – Edge

ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Helloojose - Edge

Helloojose sits reclined spread-eagle in his chair as Cesar Rossi enters the room. Cesar asks Helloojose if he’s ready, and Helloojose replies that he is.

Cesar ties a blindfold across Helloojose’s eyes and secures Helloojose’s wrists to the chair before leaning forward for a kiss, then moving his way down Helloojose’s body. Cesar kisses Helloojose’s thighs as he teases Helloojose’s cock through his boxers.

ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Helloojose - Edge

Cesar expertly sucks Helloojose’s dick, alternating between shallow and deep motions before peeling away Helloojose’s boxers.

As Cesar continues to work Helloojose’s cock, it’s not long before Helloojose is squirming and giving every indication that he’s on the edge. Cesar backs off and playfully tells Helloojose “No!” Cesar gives Helloojose a moment to cool down before getting straight back to work.

As Helloojose approaches climax again, Cesar pauses to give Helloojose’s ass some attention.

Cesar stands and rubs across Helloojose’s chest before returning to the floor to work Helloojose’s cock one final time. Cesar brings Helloojose to the brink of climax, then releases Helloojose’s right hand and encourages Helloojose to finish the job himself.

See more of Cesar and Helloojose – and the video – at ChaosMen.

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