ChaosMen: Christian Ryder

ChaosMen: Christian Ryder

Christian Ryder is a tall, twinkish bottom who likes to keep in shape. He has a number of tattoos, all of which he designed himself.

Christian reveals that he’s mostly submissive. He loves buff, muscle daddies that like to take control. He describes his ultimate sexual fantasy – a muscle daddy spots him at the gym, then invites him to the locker room so the two can get to know each other a little better.

ChaosMen: Christian Ryder

Christian rises to his knees before pulling off his gym shorts to reveal a hard, thick cock. He reclines back on to the bed and gets started stroking his dick with one hand as he massages his balls and hole with the other.

As Christian approaches climax, he lays back on the bed and works out quite an impressive load, blasting it all over his stomach, hands, cock, and balls. He tastes a sample from his fingers as the camera fades away.

See more of Christian and the video over at ChaosMen.

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