ChaosMen: Colton Scott

ChaosMen: Colton Scott

New on ChaosMen: Colton Scott likes big, burly men, and was encouraged to get into porn by his friends.

A trained dancer (he trained in ballet), Colton loves to dance. In the bedroom, Colton likes to explore bondage. Colton stands to the side of the bed and peels away his tank, revealing his furry chest and stomach.

ChaosMen: Colton Scott

When asked if anyone’s ever requested that he shave, Colton replies that he absolutely refuses to. He likes his body hair, and so do we! Colton climbs back into bed, grabs some lube, and gets to work stroking his cock.

Colton hoists his legs skyward, reaching forward with one hand to play with his hole as he strokes his dick with the other. We watch as he gently probes his ass with his fingers.

Ready to nut, Colton picks up the pace and lays his legs back down on the bed. He cums on his furry stomach, then reaches down to collect a sample with his fingers, bringing it to his mouth and slurping it off.

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