ChaosMen: Damien Reign and Rio Rodriguez – Serviced

ChaosMen: Damien Reign and Rio Rodriguez - Serviced

At 18, Bryan wasn’t expecting Rio Rodriguez to be too advanced. But Rio jumped right into sucking cock like a pro! He is really quite good!

Damien Reign sure was enjoying it. He got a little smile on his face when he realized just how good it was.

ChaosMen: Damien Reign and Rio Rodriguez - Serviced

Damien returns the favor, but the guys soon got to his favorite part – eating ass. Rio writhes around from the rimming.

Damien is a guy who does not jack-off on his own. He is always wanting his partner to help get him off.

Damien settles back down to sitting and Rio starts sucking then jerking with intent. He was moving back and forth from sucking and jerking, not giving Damien enough repetitive motion. He had the jerking motion right. Damien kept telling him to keep jerking, but Rio didn’t stick with the same motion.

With only a minute of repetitive motion, Damien spilled his load. After his effort, Rio stood up and needed only a few minutes to play catch-up. He nutted all over Damien’s chest and cock, something that was new for Damien.

Damien liked it, and rewarded Rio with a kiss for a blow-job well-done!

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