ChaosMen: Greyson Arteca and Ransom – Serviced

ChaosMen: Greyson Arteca and Ransom - Serviced

Ransom begins the video giving Greyson Arteca a slicked-up rub-down. He paid special attention to Greyson’s ass and cock. It got Greyson nice and relaxed, and turned-on.

Ransom then flipped him on to his back and massaged his pecs. He moved quickly to stroking Greyson’s growing erection. Greyson kick-backed, and enjoyed the servicing. Ransom’s cock was nudging at Greyson’s thigh, so Greyson reached down and stroked his new buddy.

ChaosMen: Greyson Arteca and Ransom - Serviced

Ransom takes his time, teasing and toying with Greyson’s cock.

As we learned from Greyson’s solo, he likes to be upright when he cums. Greyson got up on his knees while Ransom edged his cock. Greyson is close to cumming, but never got quite there to cum.

Ransom has Greyson get on his back again. Ransom tried different techniques to get-him-off. He was jerked and sucked him aggressively, but as it turned-out, all Greyson needed was a nice slow, feather-light stroke.

Greyson was lost in his own headspace, when the intense orgasm overtook him. Very intense!

Ransom then stroked his own cock, and in record time, he added his own load to Greyson’s, creating a giant cummy mess!

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