ChaosMen: Jake Alexander

ChaosMen: Jake Alexander

Jake Alexander is a hot salt-and-pepper daddy who looks older than his age (30), but in a good way! He’s fairly new to the industry and ready to share his best ASSets with you!

Jake reveals that he REALLY likes the “gloryhole” fantasy, but has yet to actually visit an anonymous gloyhole setup. Perhaps this is something the guys can explore with him down the line?

ChaosMen: Jake Alexander

Jake shows you his technique, alternating between traditional and reverse strokes before getting on his knees to show you his ass. He plays with his hole and stroke downward, thrusting into the bed before rising to his knees.

As Jake approaches climax, he reclines back on the bed and works up a juicy load that he proceeds to blast all over his stomach, forearm, the pillows behind him, and the bedspread in front of him.

See more of Jake and his video at ChaosMen.

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