ChaosMen: Joel Someone

ChaosMen: Joel Someone

Joel Someone describes himself as a “nerd” who loves fucking other nerds. He prefers fooling around with guys that don’t think they’re God’s gift to the universe.

Joel is a friendly, funny, guy-next-door type. He gives us a very candid interview as he relaxes on his chair in his black briefs.

ChaosMen: Joel Someone

Joel stands up and pulls out his fat, 8-inch dick, sits back down and immediately begins to play with his hole as he jerks his cock. Joel likes to use a finger-tip stroking technique that really gets his balls bouncing.

He spins around and kneels on the chair, showcasing his hole for you while he wiggles his dick downward. He playfully peers through his legs back at you before turning around and sitting back down on the chair.

As Joel works himself up to climax, he continues to play with his hole. He builds up an intense orgasm and shoots his load all over his furry stomach. He tastes a sample of his cum as the camera pans away.

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