ChaosMen: Michael Mission

ChaosMen: Michael Mission

Michael Mission is amazing!

This married guy really loves ass play. He has a bunch of toys and underwear he likes, and sometimes he can get his lady to play with him. He has messed around with a couple guys, but the two of them decided Michael doing porn might be a more controlled environment for him to explore his ass play.

ChaosMen: Michael Mission

Michael watched some bisexual porn and was particularly interested when a guy was getting fucked in the ass by a dude, while eating out a girl. He even liked a later scene where a guy was getting spit-roasted by two dudes. He of course imagined he was in the center.

His jerk-off video is fantastic. Michael loved all the toys, and he fucks himself with the neon yellow dildo that makes him cum.

He is totally lost in his orgasm, and looks totally disoriented from the intense ejaculation.

See more of Michael over at ChaosMen.

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