ChaosMen: Nic Sahara

ChaosMen: Nic Sahara

Nic Sahara is relaxing on a plush tan sofa in a pair of tight black and pink briefs. Nic gives a candid interview in which he reveals that he’s primarily a top an loves a guy that can “really take a dick.”

Nic pulls the waistband of his briefs down to reveal an impressive uncut cock. He strokes primarily with his right hand before adding some lube and removing his briefs entirely.

ChaosMen: Nic Sahara

Nic leans back and tosses his legs up over his head to give you a peak at his tight, hairless hole. He gently probes and massages his ass while stroking, stopping occasionally to pull his cheeks apart.

As he approaches climax, Nic puts his feet back down on the ground and grips his balls tightly. Nic strokes his nut out all over his stomach.

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