Corbin Fisher: Chris and Roman

Chris was so shy and nervous at the outset of this one, and it really shows in the look on his face and his mannerisms. Chris was also extremely excited, though – as excited as he is nervous! He rated both his nervousness and excitement as 8s on a scale of 1-10, though I have to say my own excitement at getting to see Chris in action with a guy for the first time was dialed up to 11!

Chris has made quite the impression on all of us since arriving at CF – his handsome face, hot body, and boyish mannerisms make for quite the package! Further, Chris has quite the package! On top of how hot he is, Chris is also one of the horniest guys we’ve had come through the doors at CF in quite awhile. He’s eagerly, enthusiastically, unashamedly horny most all the time, and that horniness led him to the moment we’re all sharing in now.

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