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Corbin Fisher: Jonah Fucks Rocky

Something that really stands out when Jonah‘s gotten in to action with other guys is just how intense he is while making out. While he’s still getting used to the ins and outs (pardon the pun!) of sex with another man, he’s taken to kissing without any hesitation whatsoever – he loves it, and looks hot as hell while doing it.

It is hot as heck seeing Rocky bent over, taking inch after inch after inch of Jonah’s cock deep in his ass. Rocky loves sex and loves to get fucked, and there’s nothing else he’d rather be doing while getting his hole pummeled by Jonah.

Corbin Fisher: Jonah Fucks Rocky

If your screen suddenly breaks while watching this one, don’t worry – the sound alone would be enough to get you off. Rocky can’t stop moaning and groaning about how good Jonah’s dick feels in him, those moans and groans punctuated by the sounds of slapping flesh as Jonah dicks him deep.

Ultimately Jonah’s dick is hitting something inside Rocky, as Rocky has a long, intense, multi-part orgasm!

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