DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Dante Colle, Paul Canon, Alex Riley, and More!

DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Dante Colle, Paul Canon, Alex Riley, and More!

Looks like are boys are having fun and making the most out of their quarantine times. Let us see what they have been up to here on “Dirty Tweets of the Week”!

These men are out there winning it. See their cute status updates from this week.

This is one of those odd moments I wish I was a cake.

Retweet if this is how your dream birthday party look like [email protected], @ChalametEli , @DerekCaravaggio , @YannisPaluan , @SorensenViggo , @JeromeExupery , @EthanOPry pic.twitter.com/aenUzXkXht

— Paul Cassidy (@PaulCassidyReal) April 24, 2020

What sorcery is this?

Let the music play! pic.twitter.com/NkL0Z8BrTO

— Eddy CeeTee ?? (@EddyCeetee) May 1, 2020

You’ll feel envious right after watching this.

Arrived hairdresser ?#AloneTogetherxx @YannisPaluan
@alonetogetherXX pic.twitter.com/aFvLrxU1WJ

— Jerome Exupery (@JeromeExupery) April 29, 2020

We stan a resourceful king Dante Colle.

Built a bathroom for my roommates but i get to use the shower first ?❤️ pic.twitter.com/tdnKhJWthD

— Dante Colle (INC.) (@Dante_Colle) May 3, 2020

Sven Basquiat trying to get off as fast as he can.

Already tomorrow on my fanpage, full video from nature ??? RETWEET if you like public porn ? pic.twitter.com/E9JVjtJpV0

— Sven Basquiat (@SvenBasquiat) April 26, 2020

Paul seems to be enjoying the taste of his own cum.

Yum. Subscribe for the full video and mannny more ? https://t.co/G2Y9Tt5Hti They don’t call me “the canon” for nothin! pic.twitter.com/knxttXDOLb

— Paul Canon (@PAULTHECANONXXX) April 29, 2020

A perfect tease from Alex Riley.


See this and more at:https://t.co/xrETV3fQZ8 pic.twitter.com/bC0QMuuCzy

— Alex Riley (@alexrileyxxx) May 2, 2020

We dare you to watch Viggo brush his teeth without looking at his dong.

Morning routine ? pic.twitter.com/ZszoLTAGSg

— Viggo Sorensen (@SorensenViggo) May 1, 2020

You might crave for a threeway after the lockdown when you watch this clip.

Perfect couples bonding for me and @realandystar A three way with @KaydenGrayXXX https://t.co/hP4hDJ5NAO https://t.co/mMiZLRqMSd pic.twitter.com/fvGscBfQ2T

— Gabriel Cross (@GabrielCrossXXX) April 25, 2020

Lucas Champagne is such a babe here.

I’m a bottom who likes verbal degradation,.. but like – don’t forget to treat me like your precious baby boy/perfect princess ?? pic.twitter.com/UWvtVgKnQM

— Lucas Champagne (@lucaschampagne) April 29, 2020

Whose tweet has lighten up your mood? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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