DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Dante Colle, Reese Rideout, Steven Lee, and More!


Most of us might be stuck at home, trying to kill time and beat cabin fever. In the meantime, we can help you fight boredom by checking out some entertaining tweets from your favorite men in this edition of “Dirty Tweets of the Week”.

Check out some of the tweets generated by your fave gay porn personalities this week below!

The abs!

Bit of Edging myself ? Now you can see it only for 50% on my OnlyFans in BIO ? pic.twitter.com/VFbYmutjib

— Viggo Sorensen (@SorensenViggo) March 21, 2020

Mac Savage has a thrilling story to tell.

So, I’m at this Straight guy’s place, his gf just thinks we’re bro’s. She has no idea, he told her that I work as a bartender.
RT if you’d sneak around with her Boyfriend, too! @QueerMeNow pic.twitter.com/3FbpEoV3Kq

— Mac Savage (@MacSavageXfilms) March 19, 2020

Dante Colle is determined to stay in shape while gym are still closed.

Just bolted on a pull up bar to the back of my trailer because Dante needs his pull ups ?
first muscle ups in over two weeks. Not bad? pic.twitter.com/os3ZK8s4xq

— Dante Colle (INC.) (@Dante_Colle) March 21, 2020

Voting still makes Steven Lee horny.

Almost forgot to #cockthevote today. Here’s a softy!

Register to vote online in 38 states!! It takes just minutes!! Don’t be a little bitch! And if you’re already registered give it a retweet for the next person. Click the link! https://t.co/0VEs1LxjWJ pic.twitter.com/FRadem0cMc

— Steven Lee XXX (@StevenLee3X) March 19, 2020

Here’s a treat from Griffin Barrows and Daniel Shoneye.

I can stay Isolated with @griffinbarrowsx ? pic.twitter.com/6Zg88NEcwj

— Daniel Shoneye (@DanielShoneye) March 21, 2020

Very hot jack-off buddies are busy.

Just jacking off @MJackmanxxx ?? pic.twitter.com/INUc6KlxKh

— Nick Fitt LLC (@NickFittXXX) March 15, 2020

Would you book Paul as your driver?

Your Notifications:

Uber application updated pic.twitter.com/54O65il2N7

— Paul Cassidy (@PaulCassidyReal) March 19, 2020

Francois Sagat isn’t distancing from cocks.

A new JFF #superfan is enjoying my 342 videos, 642 posts, 584 photos, and 7418 likes. Here’s a sneak peek. See ALL my content at: https://t.co/I6HJ6pVF2E pic.twitter.com/fR2evSRXrU

— François Sagat (@SagatFrancois) March 21, 2020

This is what you should be wearing according to Reese Rideout.

Covid-19 PSA…

See this and more at:https://t.co/D8Qu7WX5Xf pic.twitter.com/fyuhx1x86J

— Reese Rideout (@reeserideoutxxx) March 14, 2020

Quin Quire has your back (and his bottom’s).

Social distancing got you down? Let me help keep up! The next 50 people who use promo code “QuinQuarantine” at https://t.co/gSuh8C1qGj can sign up for $6.99! Lots of new content is coming soon! Be healthy and stay safe! @LetsEatCakeXx pic.twitter.com/0elSctK7Y2

— Quin Quire (@QuinQuire) March 17, 2020

What have you been doing while self-quarantining? Let us know everything by leaving us your comments below!

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