DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Jason Vario, Michael Boston, Mason Blaze, and More!


Whether it’s love or lust, these men are more than glad to accompany you during then the love month. Let us check out some of your favorite men and see the treats they brought to their followers for Valentine’s week only here on “Dirty Tweets of the Week”!

You have to look at these guys who spent their special day with their love ones. But of course, we’re still not gonna keep it PG so we’re also bringing you the dirtiest tweets we found this week!

Bo Sinn is ready to serve his cock for all the single guys out there!

Your Valentine has cum! #HappyValentinesDay2020 pic.twitter.com/OUepxEfgF1

— Damien Soup (@Damien_Soup) February 14, 2020

Theo Brady and Ashton Summers are having a moment here.

Happy Valentine’s Day baby ❤️[email protected] pic.twitter.com/7SrjSn6iN1

— Theo⚡️ (@Theo_Brady) February 14, 2020

His biceps flex is already enough as a gift for us!

Happy Vday to all ? pic.twitter.com/4YFDePjKZc

— Jason Vario [133K] (@JasonVarioXXX) February 14, 2020

Michael Boston proving us that his “butt game” is strong.

Who’s ready for lunch? @MBostonxxx serving that cocky AF look? @NextDoorStudios pic.twitter.com/11a3U4MvT8

— Conrad Parker (@ConradParkerXXX) February 13, 2020

But Ace Quinn is not going to let himself lose this “battle of the asses” this week.

Show me what you got ? pic.twitter.com/dIUcJ9WDxv

— Ace Quinn (@TheAceQuinn) February 13, 2020

It’s totally weird but this is exactly the perfect time to wish you were one of those digital stickers.

Triple trouble! [email protected]@NilsTatum pic.twitter.com/wtApaocBPU

— YannisPaluan (@YannisPaluan) February 11, 2020

Good morning indeed Mr. Blaze!

Good Morning pic.twitter.com/lZljfn7aJB

— DANIEL MONTOYA (@themasonblaze) February 11, 2020

This couple is perfect for a threesome. Dante and Romeo might be looking for a volunteer.

? ? pic.twitter.com/BBclEEygGV

— Dante & Romeo (@danteandromeo) February 9, 2020

That skill though!

Ima keep retweeting this until it hits 1mil views. You should too ? pic.twitter.com/HF1p2tqhva

— Josh Jakobs (@josh_jakobss) February 10, 2020

And lastly, this passionate kiss from Trevor and Jacob is worth seeing!

happy valentine’s day ❤️ w/ @JacobHansenXXX pic.twitter.com/15Q1anF1qZ

— Trevor Harris (@TrevorHarrisXXX) February 14, 2020

Did these lads make your heart thumping this romance season? Or did they just made get your dicks throbbing? Which dirty tweets were your favorite from the week? Let us know in the comments section below!

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