GUYS WITH iPHONES TURNS 10: More Than A Heaven of Glorious Naked Selfies

GUYS WITH iPHONES TURNS 10: More Than A Heaven of Glorious Naked Selfies

Whether naked or not, these boys have taken over the world with the sexiest selfies they can produce using the world-renowned device that can capture your precious moments. We did not know that their nudes can be a precious moment for us too!

Along with the advancement of the phone that revolutionized the mobile device game back in the day is the 10th anniversary of “Guys With iPhones“. The drill is just plain simple. The website features the hottest men posing while flaunting their delectable physiques as they use one of the most recognizable back panel and rear camera setups in the mobile phone industry. We never knew that this is gonna get us somewhere. Thanks to the iPhone and its presence’s longevity, the men we feature have been quenching our thirst for 10 years now! But let us dive into the real reasons to celebrate about since the launch of your favorite website!


The first photo uploaded on Guys With iPhones website

Man, these selfies have evolved along with the iPhone’s technology. They both have come a long way. It was 2 years later after the release of the iPhone is when “Guys With iPhones” uploaded its first photo on the website. Featuring an Xtube star doing DIY porno, his wholesome selfie with shaving cream on his face using a 2-megapixel phone camera made it first on the website. This was the start of a colorful world of nudes for the then-newly established selfie heaven!


Guy posing with his erect penis

Guys With iPhones paved way to getting someone comfortable with their bodies in the rawest forms. Especially for the ones who want to see their naked physiques gracing a well-known website. This is for people who seek freedom and break boundaries as well as rules that hinder the visibility of the male anatomy’s beauty and social significance. The photo above was the first ever photo uploaded in the website representing full nakedness not just the of the physical aspect but he was also stripped off of his insecurities the time he took this selfie. It’s its own celebratory moment to break free.


Guys With iPhones posts submissions from all walks of life.

In a world full of self-proclaimed “influencers” who somehow manage to set stereotypes when it comes to what is “acceptable” and “beautiful“, this website knows no boundaries. Its affiliation with adult sister-websites makes it possible for us to explore different types of bodies and races. We may all have our own preferences but that is the point. Not everyone is perfect and not everyone wants someone perfect, but perfection does not always equate to beauty. Guys With iPhones proudly accept all submissions regardless of beauty standards and races. Everyone has his own beauty, perfect or not.


Lovely couples are the sexiest!

It’s fun to be in love. And it is more fun to be in love without anyone judging around you. In the website’s safe community, we want everyone to feel the love which can turn into inspiration for others that love, in any form, with no reservations, is something you should be proud of. Valentine’s Day week is a special week for lovers since that is when we post the hottest couple photos. Loving someone can be both sexy and beautiful at the same time. It is worth sharing to the world.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Combat fighter Conor Mcgregor, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, Hip-Hop artist Drake, & Rapper The Game

Celebs also made appearances on the website. From Calvin Harris to Justin Bieber. We even have a special Sticky board for this category to celebrate the hotness of these known personalities. Devour these men as you see their stripped bodies not being shot by some famous photographers in a glamorous setup, but only taken by themselves using the same camera phone everyone is using. Guys With iPhones became an abode for you to adore these celebs more!


class=”aimg” >iPhone-Bulge

A proper introduction to the penis is a man’s bulge. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get but at least, the bulge gives you a hint if he’s packing down south. I mean how would you not celebrate tons of bulges that made Guys With iPhones interesting? It’s giving without giving too much. It’s a form of teasing without letting it all out until you drool with curiosity.
Can you tell how big their packages are?


iPhone-CocksiPhone-Cocksclass=”aimg” >iPhone-Cocks

And of course, the reward for your patience. We have seen lots of dicks but Guys With iPhones gives you dicks from all over the globe. As what we are saying, promoting diversity is significant and one way of doing that is to introduce you to the world’s best male body part.

Starting out with 14 comments for our first ever uploaded picture, we have witnessed how the iPhone evolved over the years but the selfie culture stayed. And in just 6 years, we posted this lovely photo (see below) to commemorate the 150,000th approved photo for the website. By far, GWiP has garnered over 214, 000 photos and counting since the first photo uploaded back on April 30th, 2009. Time flies so fast and now, it has been already been a decade of great portraits. Plus, you’re ten years older now if you have been visiting website since the beginning, just saying. ?


Guys With iPhones‘ 150, 000th approved photo


Guys With iPhones‘s Twitter and Instagram accounts

Talking about other ways of reaching out to our avid fans, we have put up our Twitter account the same month we established Guys With iPhones. From then on, we now have 15, 000 beautiful followers. And since selfies are what we specialize in, we thought of opening an Instagram account 5 years later. This way, we have also opened opportunities to ease up photo submissions by simply allowing people to tag us with their luscious Instagram posts, DM us directly, or use our official hashtags which are #gwip and #guyswithiphones. Being discovered and seeing your beautiful selfies on our website has never been this easy. Thanks to our social media accounts with over 48, 000 followers combined and growing.

Speaking of longevity, we want to thank all the fans of Guys With iPhones. Without you, this simple site would not have survived this long. We all have a lot in common. That is the appreciation of a man’s raw beauty and self-love. Bringing people to make us post their photos and drive confidence within themselves are worth celebrating. And it’s fun to be all horned up to the gorgeous men that we feature all over the world. Here’s to our 10th year and cheers for another 10 and beyond!

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