It’s Volunteering Time For Sean Harding and Kaleb Stryker.

It's Volunteering Time For Sean Harding and Kaleb Stryker.

While the entertainment industry is idle, these two personalities find the time to do some volunteer work.

In two different occasions, Kaleb Stryker and Sean Harding appeared to be expressing initiatives toward volunteer works. They did not want to waste time while productions are on hold.

I’m not sweet dream but I’m a hell of a night.

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In a tweet posted by Sean, it looks like he’s gotten tested to make sure he’s safe for doing some volunteering in his community.

Getting my antibody test so I can feel safer doing some volunteer work in the community.

— Sean Harding (@SeanHardingXXX) April 22, 2020

Meanwhile, Kaleb is in Miami.

I do believe that what you reap is what you sow & even though the whole world is on standby, the universe is still flowing. ?????

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The sexy star took the time to help mother nature in honor of Earth Day. See his tweet below.

really spent 2 hours sweating absolute balls on Miami Beach picking up trash because why the fuck not? It feels good af to clean up for the community. & I especially love watching everyone look at me like something’s wrong with me. I hope I inspired them ?

— Kaleb Stryker (@KalebStryker) April 22, 2020

It’s always nice to hear about people trying to help out in their own little ways. Guess these two are not just good at rocking the bed but also, community service.

What can you say about these initiatives? Have you also done some volunteer work in your area? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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