Jake Porter Announces His Split From Hayden Brier!

Jake Porter Announces His Split with Hayden Brier!

The model just recently tweeted his relationship status and he does not really want to further discuss the details.

❤️ pic.twitter.com/OUzxMnCGdl

— cuchhhie (@HaydenBrier) September 25, 2019

After losing his Andrew Christian contract and all the stuff he has been getting because of his political stance, another circumstance came for Jake Porter. This week, he announces that he is single again. He took to Twitter to address the issue.

Yes, I’m single
No, I won’t discuss it
My personal life is not social media’s business ?‍♂️ I don’t need nor want anyone’s attention.

Some ppl just aren’t compatible, that’s all. No name calling or Dirty Laundry, Best wishes & Positive Vibes only!

— Jake Porter (@SoitsJakePorter) October 8, 2019

His former beau Hayden Brier also took to the social media platform to air his side.

Single again apparently. Please be respectful, you never know someone’s situation. I tried hands are tied ??‍♂️

— cuchhhie (@HaydenBrier) October 7, 2019

Jake Porter has been in the news recently when he was officially released from his Andrew Christian contract.

Official Statement…. pic.twitter.com/1qaxMr9H4n

— Jake Porter (@SoitsJakePorter) September 29, 2019

The model also received some criticisms after taking to Twitter to broadcast his view against the POTUS impeachment.

This past couple of weeks have been rough for Jake. But what can you say about this issue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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