Kristen Bjorn: Andy Onassis Fucks Dani Robles

Kristen Bjorn: Andy Onassis Fucks Dani Robles

Andy Onassis and Dani Robles have very hectic touring schedules and when they find themselves in the same city they like to hook up with a familiar friend.

Both men are hungry and waste no time in letting their cocks out. Dani grasps Andy’s meaty monster cock and begins stroking it to full attention. Dani opens wide and does everything within his powers to suck down that humongous cock of Andy’s.

Dani spins around as Andy delves in and begins probing that hot pink, hairy hole with his tongue. With his hole sloppy wet, Dani steps down and Andy rams his massive cock deep into Dani’s hungry hole.

Kristen Bjorn: Andy Onassis Fucks Dani Robles

It doesn’t take long for Dani’s ass to relax and accommodate Andy’s cock, so Andy picks up the pace and follows Dani’s commands to fuck him more forcefully. As the hardcore fucking picks up its pace, Andy pulls out and repeatedly shoves his cock back in, forcing Dani to keep his hole open.

Being flipped onto his back this time, Dani realizes that this is the type of cock that he loves to be fucked by as Andy begins fucking him harder and harder.

Andy takes Dani’s cock into his hand and begins stroking him as the cum flies everywhere. With his cock erupting his load of cum, Dani continues to ride Andy’s cock until the thick globs of cum ooze from the fat mushroom head. Dani repositions himself as Andy’s cum soaked cock slips back into his wet ass.

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