Pierce Paris is Trying To Make “Anal Archery” Happen!

Pierce Paris is Trying To Make

Here’s something to make you laugh, or cringe, or whatever you want to feel. After several challenges the gay Twitter have redefined, porn star and cam model Pierce Paris have come up with something to take the challenges to the next level. Find out here after the jump.

Move over “Running Butthole Challenge“, there’s a new eye candy in town. Let Pierce Paris introduce you to the “Anal Archery“. It’s going to get you aiming at the hole (placed precisely on the butt-hole) in the middle of the target. Let the game master demonstrate it for you!

Anal Archery ? ?

With @Lancehartfetish and @PierceParisXXX pic.twitter.com/GRyjUwy0ZP

— ℙ????? ℙ???? (@PierceParisXXX) September 22, 2019

Just like real sporting event, we also have a slow-mo shot:

We don’t know how long it took them to get the perfect shot. But that bulls-eye is impressive, in a funny way. Katniss Everdeen must be shaking right now. And look at this cute photo of the winning shot too!

Pierce Paris is Trying To Make

Did you find this hilarious? Is this something you think you could do with your hubby for recreation (Lol)? What’s your favorite challenge the gay Twitter has amusingly ruined? Let us know in the comments section below!

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