Queer Clicks: March 05 | Boyfriend Twins Fight Back After Twitter Trolls Attack Them For Looking Alike, Marvel Is Searching for Its First Gay Superhero, & Other News

Boyfriend Twins Fight Back After Twitter Trolls Attack Them For Looking Alike

“Twitter user heycnyn recently shared a picture of himself and his boyfriend snuggled up in bed together, writing: “hi lemme introduce you to my adventure buddy, best friend, lover, and everything else.” ” Queerty

Marvel Is Searching for Its First Gay Superhero

“This month Marvel will debut their first female-led superhero movie, Captain Marvel, hopefully altering the landscape of comic book films forever — much to the chagrin of misogynist trolls. Last year Black Panther became the biggest solo superhero film of all time. But what’s the next step in expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of straight white men? Apparently, Marvel is currently looking for an openly gay actor to play a queer superhero in an upcoming film.” Out

Straight Men are Joining Men Jerk-Off Clubs for ‘Buddy-Baiting’ Sessions

“The more we learn about the sexual practices of straight men, the less straight they sound…

Following on the viral bro-job trend, GQ explores why straight men are attending group jerk-off clubs.

In Seattle, men are invited to the Rain City Jacks, where they can “jack off openly and safely in a uniquely sex-positive, non-discriminating and mutually respectful community.” ” Cocktails and Cock Talk

This Instagram Account Full of Studs Also Provides a Powerful Gay History Lesson

“Instagram is full of thirsty content. Many users on the popular image sharing social media platform have discovered the quickest way to get more followers and likes is to show some skin. (We’re not complaining.) Once and a while, though, there’s an account that combines thirst with meaningful content, and that’s what you have with Mike Balaban. His account @bammer47 offers up a much-needed (and fun to take in) gay history lesson.” Hornet

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