Queer Clicks: October 11 | Justices Spar Over gay Employee Cases, Are You Ashamed of Your Sexual Turn-Ons?, & Other Clicks

Are You Ashamed of Your Sexual Turn-Ons?

Porn can reveal elements of arousal that a person might be unaware of. Psychology Today

Justices Spar Over gay Employee Cases

The Supreme Court spent two tense hours on Tuesday weighing whether the nation’s bedrock civil-rights law forbids employers from discriminating against gay or transgender employees. Wall Street Journal

Older gay men Share Their Coming out Stories

In a new clip, Robert E. Reeves, Jessay Martin, and Bill Lyons share their coming out stories. Towleroad

Viral “Hockey Butt” ad Creators say They “Accidentally” Targeted gay Men—Um, Excuse me?

The ad, in case you haven’t seen it, opens with Larkin introducing himself as a “victim of hockey butt.” You see, his ass and quads are so big and his waist is so small that he can’t fit into regular dress pants. NewNowNext

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