QUEERIOSITY!: What’s Your Take On “Cancel Culture”?

QUEERIOSITY: What's Your Take On Cancel Culture?

With so much going on in the news specifically the BLM movement, it has been a very sensitive time for everyone. From brands being called out for hypocrisy to people digging old tweets, majority think that it is high time to be politically correct.

Even the gay porn stars were not safe from this practice. Austin Wolf has been defending himself for an Instagram comment he made while Billy Santoro is in hot water for a tone deaf Facebook post. You can find more of these after the jump.

But what is your take on “cancel culture”? Is it constructive? We’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments and get a chance to win $30 Sticky Shop credits!

I happened to stumble upon this post by Diet Prada on Instagram regarding transgender model Munroe Bergdorf and how she was fired by the brand from a campaign:

@lorealparis , in the face of performative allyship, is being haunted by ghosts of its recent past… specifically their decision to dismiss Black transgender model @munroebergdorf . In 2017, Bergdorf was fired from her role as one of the faces of the True Match makeup campaign after she posted publicly on Facebook against the white supremacy on display during the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA. She was left to defend herself against trolls that threatened her life, with no aide or apology from the brand. What made L’Oreal decide in 2020 Black lives were finally worth it? • #blacktranslivesmatter #munroebergdorf #model #beauty #loreal #lorealparis

A post shared by Diet Prada ™ (@diet_prada) on

Do not also forget about this whole Lea Michelle situation that is still unfolding, making people assume that Glee cast members are “probelmatic”.

And some might think that gay porn industry is not vulnerable from being targeted by internet mobs. This whole Twitter thread enumerated all the gay porn stars who did something deemed offensive. Here are some of the guys included in the thread:

Colby Keller for his political stance,

Let’s start with [email protected] who claims he does not support Trump’s policies but voted for him in 2016! pic.twitter.com/7vHH0T7T3E

— daníel piper (@trblingtimes) June 2, 2020

Austin Wolf for this Instagram comment he left for someone (which he has already apologized for):

Chyle streets telling me @AustinWolfPack is done for. https://t.co/okReGfX9C1 https://t.co/NgAS8x0o0o

— daníel piper (@trblingtimes) June 2, 2020

and Dillon Anderson for claiming that he does not have anything to do with what’s on the news.

[email protected] who didn’t wanna speak out on human rights issues because “this is a porn account” and he was nervous it would affect his pockets. ? pic.twitter.com/j2WtjH9FPx

— daníel piper (@trblingtimes) June 2, 2020

You can read the whole thread here.

But what do you think of this whole “cancel culture” thing? Is calling out people a constructive practice? Or does this only take away the chance for redemption especially when people start to get into their keyboards and mob them?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below and you’re instantly included to our draw for the winner of the $30 Sticky Shop Credits!

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