QueeryingDuncan Ku (軍龍)

It is time for another Queerying Q&A!

This time Duncan Ku (軍龍 / GunRyu) took the time and answered some of our questions.

Queerying: Duncan Ku

Hi Duncan!

Hi QC and thanks for the opportunity! I’ve worked with PeterFever, G-DUDE.JP, Trance Video and G-BOT.jp. My main genre is in the Asian niche.

May favorite scences are from GD19G02 GDUDE 暴漢レイプ 集合 (GD19G02 GDUDE Thug Gangbang Collection)

Great question! But I have more than one: Don, Yowei, Bird and Cagedjock

Oh I’m definitely into the zombie type apocalyptic scenes so something along the lines of “Biohazard” or “The Walking Dead”, that kind End-of-the-World Movie. I’m not sure if that has been done in gay porn yet but I think it would be awesome!

At the other end of the scale I think gay porn scenes with a funny or musical theme might be interesting to do. Something like “Glee”/”Eating Out”, that kind of musical/comedy.

And as for a scene partner I’d love to be with Arad Winwin and William Seed.

Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

The World Between Us

“House of Cards” and I just finished watching “The Witcher” recently. As for mainstream TV it’s very seldom I even turn it on.

I’m very disciplined with what I eat so I very rarely eat any carbohydrates and definitely no snacks for me!

This is when everyone is waiting for you to shoot! If you think too much about it then it might not happen!

I think the next things will not easily be pirated. Porn usually is the first adopter with new technology so think along the lines of Feel Connect device, VR, live shows, fan clubs, private performances and events.

For example, the music industry has had a huge shift in how they make their revenue. Most singers no longer make money from selling CDs yet have found other avenues to create revenue (streaming, live performances, sponsorship and so on).

The evolution of technology, high speed and affordable internet, smartphones this is what has changed the music industry as well as the adult entertainment area too.

Fort Troff or Maskulo – These are perfect for my body type and much closer to my image than other brands.

I followed all the guidelines with wearing a Mask/Condom/Regular health checks and the usual washing of hands multiple times daily. And of course especially before putting anything in your mouth! XD

I’ll be right back to the US. There are many, many projects waiting for me to do. It’s gonna be busy!

Queerying: Duncan Ku

Fortunately, it’s under control in Taiwan. On a personal note I had to close one a retail shop and lost some money. This is nothing in comparison to all the people who have lost their lives or loved ones.

I’m single and I concentrate on my business. I am keeping hard at work when it’s possible but some restrictions with filming and traveling of course.

Financially I’ve been ok and surviving but I’ve always been quite careful with financial investments and I’m now lucky enough to own a house.

I know through Covid it has affected a lot of persons finances and income. As an adult performer, model and actor I have learned to be financially disciplined.

Apart from the reduced amount of work, I’ve had almost no sexual activity. My desires have been more focused with observing my audience and to let them watch my performances and feel they are craving for me.

I enjoy the feeling when many men desire and want to make love with me. Perhaps this is why I didn’t take a break or arrange a holiday. I love that feeling of desire and knowing my fans are being satisfied sexually by my performances.

I think I pretty much covered this earlier with new technologies will be the driving force, but it’s a difficult and complex question. People like real contact if possible, but if they can’t then porn is their next best option. If technology can help, then that is a good thing.

You can spend $10 to support the porn star you love and watch his videos. But if he was to stand right in front of your door and knock on it and say $1000 for sex with me now, I bet you wouldn’t refuse him (as long as you can afford him that is).

My point is that porn still can’t emulate the real feeling of making love and having sex person to person. But yes it can satisfy some desires.

Yes, I do have OF/JFF account, It’s an integral part of performing now and not much different to me than the other formats I use.

We try to use each platform to let the client feel satisfied. It always only one goal. If I can achieve that then I know I’m doing my job right!

Cherish the present and be grateful for your family, business partner, clients, and the man who gives you a job and a stage because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. God bless the people in Beirut, Lebanon.

Duncan’s Own Website

For additional questions and remarks, feel free to comment below! We’ll be back next week with another interesting personality.

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