Sean Cody: Dax and Kyle – Scene Live Friday September 17

Sean Cody: Dax and Kyle

“You’re so hot,” Dax says as he runs his hands over Kyle, putting his hands down the cutie’s jeans as they kiss hungrily. Kyle sucks Dax’s cock, and both guys shuck off their jeans before Dax slaps and eats Kyle’s cute booty, then fucks him doggystyle. “Fuuuuuck,” Kyle moans as he takes Dax’s dick, throwing his ass back, then he turns on his back to get fucked missionary.

Sean Cody: Dax and Kyle

Dax isn’t ready to cum just yet, so he says, “I’ll ride yours,” as the guys flip fuck. Kyle penetrates the bearded hunk missionary and Dax can’t believe how big that cock is as it makes him blow his load. Then it’s Kyle‘s turn to give Dax a truly huge facial!

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This scene premieres September 17th, 2021

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