SpunkWorthy: Dennis

SpunkWorthy: Dennis

Dennis sent in an application a couple years back and then disappeared about as quickly as he’d gotten a response to it. Just testing the water perhaps. When he got in touch again recently, though, he was ready to get started. Well … sort of.

SpunkWorthy: Dennis

He’s a So Cal guy, but grew up in a relatively remote area. Now 22 y/o and living in San Diego, he admitted that city life isn’t really for him, but seems to be making the most of it.

“I got the best of both worlds,” he explained. “I grew up hunting and fishing, but also have been surfing since I was six years old.”

When it comes to sex and jerking off, Dennis had some impressive double-digit numbers to boast as his records for each. But, wanting to be prepared for his shoot, he’d held off for 4-5 days ahead of time. Figuring he’d be crawling up the walls ready to rub one out, Dennis expressed a hint of anxiety once it came time to take his clothes off and get started.

That’s when things went a little haywire for what was supposed to be a solo shoot. He was having some trouble getting hard and apologized a couple times. Jason offered to give him a jumpstart (wink). Within seconds his cock sprang to life and Dennis started moaning in appreciation. After a couple minutes, the helping hand turned into a blowjob which really got him going.

It was getting clear that Dennis wasn’t going to last much longer so he lay back on the couch for the grand finale. Gasping and writhing, it was only about a minute before he was ready to blow. One final reach up his chest to tweak his nipple pushed Dennis over the edge, leaving dabs of cum covering his stomach and pubes.

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