SpunkWorthy: Lewis – Qwicky

SpunkWorthy: Lewis - Qwicky

Jason met Lewis at one of the local establishments after he parked his car – he’s a valet.

The guys got to talk and J just couldn’t resist giving him the “How’d you like to do porn?” line. He immediately perked up. Turned out that a couple buddies at his gym had recently told him he should give it a shot. Maybe they had already seen Lewis’ goods which is what prompted them to suggest it.

SpunkWorthy: Lewis - Qwicky

Lewis originally wanted to just swing by the studio to check things out. It didn’t take much convincing to get him out of his clothes for a few photos, though. And that’s when Jason got a glimpse of his ample package that was growing bigger by the second. Clearly, he was ready to get started.

He set up the cameras and let Lewis go at it. After lubing up, his dick was rock hard with the perfect curve to it and a mushroom head that throbbed. He stood up to give a nice close-up, too. And the load he shot was so thick that it slung halfway up his chest and all over his hand.

See all of Lewis in action – and video – over at SpunkWorthy.

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