These Adult Entertainers Shared Wins in Their Academic Journeys!

These Adult Entertainers Shared Wins in Their Academic Journeys!

There’s nothing more fulfilling than accomplishing things these two men have really worked hard for over the years.

Who does not want to get rid of stressful collection calls from Sallie Mae? Well, it looks like Dacotah Red just got one less problem off his back when it comes to student loans. The adult entertainer took to Twitter to share his relief after this accomplishment.

My student loans are 100% paid off and I couldn’t be happier 🧡

— Dacotah Red (@DacotahRed) May 26, 2021

Not just that, he jokingly (or possibly) promised to pay off someone’s student loan too:

Call me big daddy when you back that azz up and I’ll pay off yours too

— Dacotah Red (@DacotahRed) May 26, 2021

Red has gone through so many things previously including his experiences in the military, divorce, etc so this one’s worth celebrating.

Meanwhile, Lane V Rogers, a.k.a. Bake Mitchell shared a post about a new milestone in his career. He just got accepted to college after almost two weeks since he passed his application.

And Today, I was accepted to college.

— Lane (@LaneVRogers) May 26, 2021

His boyfriend Leo Grand celebrated the occasion with this stunning shot of Lane.

Congratulations to my boyfriend @LaneVRogers on getting accepted to college. 🎉🎊🍾🥳

— Leo (@DancesWithLeos) May 26, 2021

Do you relate to Dacotah Red‘s relief? What do you think Blake Mitchell is taking up in college? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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