Who Tastes The Best Men? Victor vs Dave vs Rob

Who Tastes The Best Men? Victor vs Dave vs Rob

There is really not a case to be settled here but these three men are downright awesome when it comes to fulfilling your fantasies. Whether you are into men in the military, men with blue collar jobs or just men who are trying to penetrate the porn industry, they got it all for us to enjoy (and to be envious with). But who do you think has gotten a taste of the nicest cocks, the most handsome men, or the hottest bods? It is going to be Victor vs Dave vs Rob.

But just to give you taste, we have gotten 3 men from each site who have undergone thorough examinations conducted by these “amateur experts”. These pretty boys may have only satisfied Victor, Dave, and Rob‘s carnal needs but at least, some of us also enjoyed watching them giving and getting pleasure, getting blown until they come, or even bend that “hetero” stick and fuck the hell out of these three lucky guys. Here are just some of the sexiest guys from each site.

We’ll start with “The HunterVictor. We ain’t sure how he manages to go out in the jungle and hunt his potential “preys” but pretty much, the jungle king has a taste. Here are just some of the men who willingly had themselves “preyed” upon by the hunter himself:



Jeff is a Hungarian boy who works as a bouncer. When a boy is a bouncer, you kinda know what to expect with what his body might look like. Jeff does not disappoint. His chest tattoos just add to that spice his nice pecs and abs already have. Victor’s lucky to suck a “Hungarian Sausage“.




When Victor first met him, he has become an instant fan favorite because of his beautiful chest hair. The Hunter has had a bit of a struggle getting Peter back for a second shoot. But Victor did not stop and eventually won Peter’s heart back. His chest hair was trimmed down, but he has gotten bigger and sexier as we may say, I’m pretty sure Victor enjoyed the second encounter!




Vic is trying to up his hunting game as he goes searching for guys with different nationalities. He tried it with Chinese Wen, Hungarian Jeff, and a bunch of guys with Latino descent, and also this Brazilian inked hottie Sandro. Who would not want to be dominated by this super hunk who looks like his body is just really made for fucking? Just look at that inked torso. That is one hell of a hot guy.


The UK is not going to get themselves left out from this competition of course. Dave, who has established a name in the First Auditions and The Casting Room sites, is someone I get a little bit jealous of. Though there is also Adrian, I think Dave was able to get experiences from the hotter men who came to audition. I mean he gets to just hold a tape measure and figure out how big a man’s biceps, how broad his shoulder is, and of course, how long his dick can get. That’s a very easy and enjoyable job at the same time! But sometimes, he gets to taste what he likes and these are just some of them:


Big boy Brad maybe that huge but that did not stop Dave from making him get Brad on his knees. Brad’s size screams intimidation and the fact that Dave made him suck cock and engage into flip flop fucking is an absolute turn on for the site’s patrons. You know, it’s always fun to watch first timers do something they haven’t done.




How often would you see an Irish footballer swallow cum to satisfy you all? It’s really seldom but it happened in The Casting Room with the help of Dave. Cute athlete Fergus or (or Cathal) may not be Cristiano Ronaldo but at least, they play the same sports. Fergus may have somewhat denounced the decision but too late, Dave already had his taste of the footballer.




This hunky lad is a fresh-looking all you want to do with him is milk him all day. Though it did not take Dave all day to milk this cute boy, it is still worth watching. Seeing this dreamy guy giving in to please his master is a visual that will make you think that maybe, you should rethink your career and start up a studio so you can emulate Dave and get a taste of all these hot young guys too. That deer in headlights look from a handsome man like Chris never fails to get me.


Rob said he has always had a fascination with Marines, Sailors, anything military. There’s something with these men in service that makes us want to give them a reward to compensate them for what they do. And Rob thinks that a good blow job (or an anal) is the way to give back. Well, as long as these military men enjoy it, why not give them what they truly deserve?



Rob calls his men “Recruits” and Clash is one of them. This man may look cute but he likes it when Rob just sits on him and get the work done. Rob was even able to convince this tattooed straight hunk to suck his cock for an extra $$$. But still, ass-ponding is definitely Clash’s expertise and it’s nice to see him getting his satisfaction with Rob’s hole.




Reed is that kind of hunk with daddy vibes, you would only want to obey what he wants. But in this case, Rob’s the boss and he was able to have Reed get off with the combined magic of his hand and mouth. Coordination was really important and it worked as Rob made this huge bae cum for him to taste that juice!




Who would forget Pierce? I think he is sexy AF and of course, Rob did not want to miss his chance to get a taste of what it’s like to be penetrated by this good-looking military man. I bet you cannot resist his charm once he does what he did with Rob, took his clothes off, flexed his bulging muscles, and basically let Rob take over his cock and body. Universe has really destined Rob to meet this pretty guy.


So there you have it, with some of the most jaw-dropping boys these 3 “amateur masters” have gotten a chance to play with, which of them do you think has managed to taste the most delicious men? You can use the poll or tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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