Reasons why you can lose erection when having sex and how to solve it 

Reasons why you can lose erection when having sex and how to solve it  


When having sex, you shouldn’t have the cause to think of whether you’d lose an erection or not. Having to think about it is enough reason you would lose it in the first place. Erection is one of the most important aspects of enjoying sex; it’s impossible to enjoy sex with a flaccid penis. Hence, while having sex, your penis must remain erect until the end of the sex. 

So, if you find out that you are losing erection more often than not, or you can’t hold one for so long, it might be because of various reasons. Some of these reasons range from psychological to health-related. However, it is worth noting that a handful of these cases could be solved by engaging in sex video calls with cam girls on online cam sites. Here are some of the reasons why you can lose an erection when having sex


It’s incredible how much damage stress can cause to your mental and physical health. As simple as the word might appear, it can bring your relationship to its knees if not properly managed. It’s always advisable that you manage your stress properly, and one of those reasons is erection. There’s nothing more embarrassing than losing an erection a few minutes into the intercourse as a man. If you have an understanding partner, it might be tolerated for a while, but once it becomes incessant, it’s capable of destroying that6 relationship. So, whatever forms of stress it might be, always make sure you stay clear. The more you stress yourself, the more likely you will lose an erection. In fact, it could also result in quick ejaculation, which is also very bad for you as a man. 

Emotional distress:

As mentioned earlier, some reasons you might have issues maintaining an erection are psychological. If you have problems with your partner in your relationship and it’s affecting you mentally, it might be somewhat difficult to maintain an erection. In fact, having to go through the day with the thought of disputes coming up at any moment is one way to knock you off your bedding duties. You’d be surprised at how responsive and emotional your penis can get when you have an emotional breakdown. So, if you are having this issue in your relationship, it might cause you to lose your erections or result in weaker ones. 

Top 3 means of avoiding loss of erection

As discussed above, there are various reasons you might lose your erection, which is bad for you as a man. If you are looking for means of maintaining an erection or how to avoid losing the erection in the first place, consider some of these processes below 

  • Get rid of all forms of stress:

It’s advisable that you don’t have sex when you are tired. In fact, there should be nothing like a quickie in your dictionary if you are the type that gets stressed easily. So, one way to avoid losing an erection is by making sure that you are well-rested before having sex. If you notice you are so tired after work, take some minutes or hours to revitalize by resting or sleeping before having sex. Sleep regularly, particularly before having sex. 

  • Visit sex cam sites:

Learning from the best is also one of the few yet effective means of maintaining an erection. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from a sex video call with a cam girl. These models are professionals at what they do, and one of their areas of expertise is helping you understand your body and, by so doing, understanding how to maintain an erection. If you have been losing erections recently or can’t hold one for long, visiting a cam site or exploring sex video calls could be your breakthrough. 

  • Talk to a sex therapist:

Most times, all you need is someone to talk to, a professional in sex-related topics. If your loss of erection is from emotional distress, then you should see a therapist. It might be a “your” thing than a “them” thing. Ensure you visit your sex therapist, either with your partner or alone. This would help you understand the core reasons behind the problem. If it’s a “your” thing, you might need to make a more conscious effort to settle some personal details about your emotional stability. However, if there’s something on your mind that you need to let go of, talking to a therapist is the best way to start.

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